Abonnement LPG - Offre été 2020

Abonnement LPG Été 2020

Réouverture du cabinet

Chère patiente, cher patient,

Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer que le cabinet de physiothérapie est à nouveau ouvert à tous. Vous pouvez volontiers prendre rendez-vous au 032 322 28 86 ou par e-mail à

Merci de vous munir d'un masque. Nous nous réjouissons de vous accueillir,

L'équipe de physiothérapeutes


Chères patientes, chers patients,

Afin de respecter les lignes directrices du canton et du conseil fédéral, notre cabinet de physiothérapie reste ouvert uniquement pour les urgences.
Si vous êtes donc dans l’absolue nécessité de soin et que votre médecin objective votre situation comme urgente, vous pouvez nous joindre par téléphone au 032 322 28 86 le matin de 8h à 12h ou par e-mail à
Nous vous informerons dès que possible de la réouverture totale du cabinet et nous réjouissons de vous retrouver. 
Prenez soin de vous, meilleures salutations, 

Isabelle Knutti


Nous recherchons un(e) physiothérapeute pour compléter notre équipe.

Wir suchen per sofort einen/eine Physiotherapeut/In zur Ergänzung unseres Teams.


Public Conference

The research team of Liliane Staffoni (HESAV) and Veronika Schoeb (HESAV) (with David Pichonnaz (HESAV), Isabelle Knutti-Menia (HESAV), Camille Bécherraz (HESAV) and Monica Bianchi (SUPSI) is organizing an open public conference on the results of the study entitled “Interdisciplinary Collaboration in the Health Professions and in Clinical Environments”. Important highlights of this study, funded by SNF (Swiss National Fund), will be presented:

Wednesday 30 May 2018, from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm
at HESAV, Avenue de Beaumont 21, 1011 Lausanne, Switzerland
The presentation will be followed by an aperitif.

Using video recordings, an in-depth analysis was done of the different interactions between a number of disciplines, to underline the exact processes behind their collaboration. The results highlight the frameworks and resources necessary for effective interdisciplinary collaboration, as well as those factors which help or hinder the actual process.

Information, PDF format

Our new LPG subscriptions are here!

With every subscription for 10 LPG treatments, you get the 11th treatment free!

Fitness, ageing and keeping great legs

What exactly is LPG?

LPG Endermology is a 100% natural, mechanically-based and pain-free method to boost and rejuvenate cellular activity in many layers of the human skin, to counter degeneration or other aesthetically-unpleasant conditions.

LPG treatment acts through stimulation and can be performed on many different areas of the body, to restore skin tone and firmness, combat cellulitis or eliminate excessive fatty deposits. It can also be performed in facial areas, to boost cellular activity and good skin health, by stimulating collagen production, as well as a person's own natural elastine and hyaluronic acid production.

Contact us for additional details or for advice without any obligation.

Your LPG specialists at our clinic.

Fitness, ageing and keeping great legs

A very interesting article on the BBC website, from research published in the Journal of Physiology.

Apparently, the loss of muscle mass seems related to a progressive and precursory loss in healthy nerve structures. The good news is that keeping fit seems to trigger fresh growth in nerve networks, which helps to maintain that muscle mass as intact and healthy as possible. Daily walks, dear friends...

Fitness, ageing and keeping great legs

ASSM Award

In late November 2017, our HESAV (Haute École de Santé Vaud) research team won the ASSM (Académie Suisse des Sciences Médicales) "Interprofessionnalité 2017" Award.

My HESAV associates and I are very proud, as this award represents a year of very dedicated collaboration on our part, reflected in this important award. We offer our many grateful thanks to the ASSM for the opportunity of participating in the selection process.

The full research team: Liliane Staffoni, Veronika Schoeb, David Pichonnaz, Isabelle Knutti-Menia, Camille Bécherraz & Monica Bianchi (SUPSI)

Here below, in a picture from the congress, from left to right:
Monica Bianchi (SUPSI), Isabelle Knutti-Menia and Liliane Staffoni (HESAV)

ASSM Award winning team